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I completed FDS University.
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" beta male seeks Alpha Female "

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Last Login: 2018-09-01
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Extreme Restraints
I am a : male submissive

City : NorthShore
State / Province : Nova Scotia
Country : Canada
Date of Birth : 1956
Height : 5ft 10in
Body Type : Average
Hair Color : Grey
Eye Color : Blue
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : Yes
Occupation : Technical/Science/Engineering
Orientation : Straight
In Lifestyle Since : 2000
About me

Locktober is finally over, I didn't believe a cock could leak so much as mine did during the final few day's of the month, delicious! My balls are swollen and so full, my need for release has never been stronger and now I'm contemplating NOvember, am I chastity mad? 1/11/2016

Installed the uretheral plug this morning for the first time, certainly a strange sensation and an even greater constant reminder that your cocklocked as the plug constantly fucks your penis with every bit of excitement or relaxation state. 11/12/15

New Stainless Steel Cage has arrived and is locked in place, I'll give myself a little time before I add in the uretheral insert, never had my cock fucked by a steel insert before, really not sure I'm going to enjoy this. 8/12/15

Starting a much needed self imposed Chastity session .. 3 week duration is the intent - 9/11/15

Please visit my tumblr blog, FOREVERlost  

Reading these words make me weak in the knees...from the tumblr blog of Mistress Chloe ...

Femdom Phase #1: Denial

The first phase is when your Goddess realizes that by withholding her too-good-for-you pussy she becomes your dream girl. She becomes unattainable. Seeing any part of her body becomes a treat. Look at her reading at the table over there with her legs crossed… You can’t stop thinking about what it must feel like to be insider her…. to have your way with her….. Your heart sinks into submission as you whimper in desperation.

You can’t control yourself in her presence, and it drives you mad that she seems to have no problem controlling herself. Doesn’t she know you’re in agony!? She will occupy your every thought, day and night. You will do anything, follow her anywhere, and serve her to extremes, just for that aching desire that she might consider you worthy enough for just one, tiny moment. It never comes though. But, she does make you believe you’re always just one more task away….. “Maybe tomorrow”, she whispers…

You can’t take it anymore. You want to stop with these tormenting games! You’ve had enough! The man inside you lashes out to be free, to take back his throne. Yet, with all these real and raw emotions she simply smiles at you lovingly. She slips into those sexy black shoes and that sexy lace robe of her’s and in her endearing voice she says, “Please sweetheart… One more day under my kinky rule? Why don’t you lie your weary little head in my lap and let me calm you. There…. It’s not so bad…. Is it?”

I am lost soul, a Canadian chaste panty boi submissive that would enjoy nothing more than meeting and developing a possible LTR with a strong willed, self motivated, Dominant Woman ... I'm here to discover and explore the fascinating world of submission to a truly Dominant Woman ... I need to learn more about my desires to serve and obey another, as these feelings continue to call out to me ... I truly feel like a lost soul ... please show me the way ... ls lostsoulns at gmail dot com

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"Thank you for your hotlist. Mistress Leigh"
MistressLeigh - 07-02-10

"I appreciate the hotlist. I am just getting acclimated to the site and will check on you when I find time. MT~"
MissTaylor - 05-02-10

gray hair
"I would have that gray hair all shaved off and you bound tight and kneeling"
Goddess Destiny - 04-01-10

"Does this one have the means within?"
MsCuckoldress - 02-04-10

Thank you for the add, male.
"I could show you more about your desires than you could ever have thought possible....all my pets are well taken care long as they do as they are told."
Goddess Ember - 02-03-10


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